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Archive: JUNE 2019
Foods that can harm your teeth
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

When you eat something, you usually do it to get the flavor of the same or to keep your tummy full simply. This is quite common, and we know there is a logical explanation for it. However, it is essentially necessary to know that the moment you eat something, you’re allowing the food item to play with your mouth’s health, and if it has the potential to harm your teeth, you might be at risk. We do a lot for our teeth like brushing our teeth twice a day, flossing, using teeth grinding mouth guard that works, teeth whitening, and a lot more. However, if the food you eat is deteriorating your teeth’s condition, you need to be careful about the type of food you eat on a daily basis.

With this little explanation above, we hope you’ll make an effort to know about the foods that can harm your teeth and make an effort to restrict it or at least limit it when consuming food.


1.    Sour candies

When we talk about sour candies, we know that it can give us the flavor no other food in this world can. It has just the right amount of everything to help us be at ease when we consume the same. However, it is notably important to know that the moment we consume sour candies, it starts affecting our teeth, and it is not good for us in any way. It has a number of ingredients that affect our teeth and overall dental health. We do not realize it the moment we consume it but the effects of the same start showing up sooner or later. We need to realize that it is not good for us and the less we consume it, better will it be for us.

2.    Carbonated drinks

While the world knows how bad carbonated drinks are, they are still not willing to part ways with it. There is always a reason in our mind, and we need to know that it will affect us in some way or the other. It is always our decision in this case, and so it is important that we try our best to stay away from carbonated drinks. It will affect our teeth, and that is not good for us in any way.

3.    Potato chips

Potato chips are tasty, and we do not deny it. However, it is harmful to our teeth, and we are sure that you won’t deny this fact. Here, it is also necessary to know that most of the potato chips are made with cheap oils and ingredients to cut down the cost of the product. With this, avoiding the same would be the right thing to do.

One should not assume that the potato chips made at home or opting for branded chips will help us in any way. Yes, it won’t be as harmful as the other options, but it will still have a negative impact on our teeth.

4.    Chewy gums

It is not really hard to believe that the chewy gums available in the market are bad and should be avoided. However, we stick with it because it helps us pass the time, in some cases. At the same time, it has a unique flavor, and we love it. However, parting ways with it is important, and till the time we do not work on it, it will create problems for us in the long run.

5.    Bread

Not many people know that bread can even be bad for our teeth. While breaking down starch into sugar, our saliva works hard for the activity, but it does not prevent cavities from making their way into our teeth. It’s bad for us, and we need to be sure that we constantly look at ways in which we can keep ourselves away from it.

Noteworthy tips for teenagers
Monday, June 10, 2019


Teenagers refresh to the world of reality, and it is important that they keep track of each and everything that comes in their contact. This can be a challenging task, and teenagers will have to look for or the right goals to be sure that they do not depend on others for their decision-making skills. Remember that your decisions will matter a lot because you are a teenager and it will be a learning experience for you. So, we have made a note of some important tips for every teenager, and we hope the same will be read, and action will be taken on them.


1. Look for ways to save money

Teenagers should look for Savings because it will help them ensure that they have a certain amount available with them that can be used for their dreams, wishes, and necessities. If the necessary amount of funding is not available for necessities, things will go terribly wrong for teenagers. Saving money will do you good and need to be sure that a certain amount of fund is available for or emergencies as well. There are many issues that can pop up at any given point of time, and you may not have adequate knowledge about the same. So, be extremely careful in this case, and you will be happy about the results you get in the end.


2. Don't fall in the cool trap

Not one but there are many teenagers who and up making mistakes of falling in the cool trap and have regrets about it when they learn about the problem it is creating in their lives. You need to understand that in most of the individuals will end up making a mess of their life by simply others to manipulate them. Many people will make constant attempts to manipulate teenagers because teenagers are face to the world of reality and it is not easy for them to keep themselves away from the coolness that is being offered by such cheaters. In the process, there are many teenagers who even start consuming alcohol and do a lot more that ends up only making things difficult for individuals. In this case, we would like to tell you that if you are a teenager and you have been tricked into you being an addict, you should visit to make sure that you get yourself out of the addiction zone.


3. Learn from elders

At this young age, you will have to look for ways in which you can earn your experiences. One of the best ways in which this goal can be achieved is by looking for advice and suggestions that are shared by elders. Elders have done their part, and they know a lot more than teenagers in this state. It is advisable to get the necessary advice and tips from suggestions and every given point of time and be sure that you do not disrespect the thought that is shared by them. Remember that they have a lot more experience and you and they will not do things to make you feel uncomfortable.


4. Have a dream

If you do not have a dream to chase, you’ll feel dull and disappointed for a long period of time. As a teenager, you should constantly look for ways in which you can push for an ideal dream and make sure that your efforts are directed towards helping you turn your dreams into reality. This might be difficult at the start, but as you keep working hard to get closer to your dreams, you’ll feel proud of your efforts.


Wrist pain symptoms to look out for
Friday, June 7, 2019

If you opt for a number of activities on a daily basis that involves physical exertion, you need to be sure that you pay close attention to your body parts. There are many individuals suffering from knee injuries because they did not make an attempt to pay close attention to it when extreme exertion was made from their end on their knees. The fact is that we do not feel that there’s a need for us to take care of our knees. Similar is the case with our wrists.

If you have followed a careless approach in case of your wrists in the past, you need to make certain changes in your routine and make sure that you do the needful, in order to keep yourself away from severe wrist pain.

Before we move ahead, we’d like to tell you that if you notice severe wrist pain, getting in touch with a medical practitioner is a good thing to do. If the pain isn’t extreme or you wish to be safe, opting for an ideal exercise for wrist pain is the best thing you can do.

Now, let’s talk about some of the wrist pain symptoms you should look out for!

1.    Swollen fingers

While people feel that swollen fingers can be a result of a number of reasons, we’d like to tell you that your swollen fingers can even be an indication that you’re suffering from wrist pain, but your tolerance to the same is not allowing you to take care of it. So, make sure that you do not take swollen fingers lightly. Take proper care in this case and allow yourself enough time to take care of your wrist. Get in touch with a medical practitioner, if needed.

2.    Failing to grip objects

While trying to make a fist or grip objects, if you feel pain in your wrist, you need to be serious about it. It is possible that you’re tired and resting for a couple of hours refreshes you and gives you the liberty to get back on track without any issues. However, if it is not a lazy or tiring day and you still face issues in trying to make a fist or grip objects, you need to talk to a medical practitioner about it at the earliest.

3.    Numbness in the hands

There are times when we feel a tingling sensation or numbness in the hands. It usually happens when we do not move our hands from one place for a long time. It even happens when we accidentally sleep on our hands for a couple of hours. However, if this is not true in your case and you continue to feel the tingling sensation or numbness in your hands, it could be because of the wrist pain, and if that’s the thing making your life difficult, it needs to be given special attention.

4.    Redness around the wrist

Suffering from swelling or redness around the wrist is an issue that is rarely seen in the case of individuals. With this, you have an indication to pay close attention to it. Apart from this, we’d like to say that it is a condition that needs immediate attention and you need to be sure that you do not make a mess out of your situation by taking it lightly.

Apart from these symptoms, it is important to be sure that you call your doctor at the earliest if your wrist is warm and redness is developing around your wrist.



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