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Archive: JUNE 2016
Food goals for everyone
Monday, June 20, 2016

If you think that you are healthy, we are sure that you have some food goals in your mind, and you make it a point to achieve them on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 


However, if you have never had healthy food goals in your mind, you might be looking for some motivation that can help you feel good about your health. If that is true, check out some of the common food goals that are posted below.


1.    Don’t compare your food intake to that of others

If you eat a rice bowl and your friend at workplace eats two rice bowls, that doesn’t mean you should even eat two rich bowls. Eat as much as you can and as much as you need. With our food habits, if we start comparing ourselves to others, we will either restrict ourselves unnecessarily or overeat. Either way, it is not good for us. So, stop comparing your food intake to that of others.


2.    Choose healthy foods over junk food

We all love junk food, and we do not find it difficult to pick up junk food every time we are hungry. However, if we start consuming junk food more often (like we do on a regular basis), we will be unhealthy forever. So, it is important to skip junk food, whenever possible. Healthy foods are made with the sole intention to keep you healthy, and if you are not opting for it, you are probably planning to stay unhealthy. Don’t do that. The next time you have a choice, be sure that you choose healthy foods over junk food. 


3.    Have a relationship with food

Don’t simply eat it because you want to eat something at a given point in time. Eat it because you want to eat it specifically. With that being said, you should make it a point to know what you are about to eat. Keep yourself excited about it. For example, if you are eating a particular food item because it is rich in proteins, keep yourself excited because you are about to consume something that will help you complete your day’s quota of protein intake. 

Think about it and be happy about it because it will help you accept that amazing food item easily, no matter how good or bad it may taste.


4.    Eat at regular intervals

It is important to consume food at regular intervals because your body needs food at regular intervals. Ideally, we suggest you eat something every two hours. This will help you stay healthy and, at the same time, you'll be in the routine. So, eat something every two hours. Since you'll be eating something every two hours, make it a point to eat something that can be easily digested within a period of two hours. 


5.    Don’t eat less or more

Your body needs time to digest food. So, make it a point not to overeat; otherwise, your digestive system will be stressed, and you'll see the effects of the same on your routine. So, do not overeat. 

At the same time, you should not eat less because if you do, you'll feel hungry before time. At that very moment, if you do not find food, you'll be annoyed and will feel the effects of the same. So, try your best to eat enough to keep yourself full. 


6.    There will be some food issues, no matter how hard you may try

Dealing with food issues is an ongoing thing, and you should realize the fact that no matter how hard you may try, there will be some or the other food issue that you'll be faced with at some point or the other. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop working hard to stay healthy and free from issues. Do your best and hope for the best. We have heard this saying a number of times, and this is an ideal post to use this saying. The reason behind it is that if you try hard to stay away from food issues, you'll still have to deal with food issues, but if you do not try hard to stay away from food issues, you'll have to deal with many food issues. So, make it a point to try hard to stay away from food issues and even be ready to tackle some of the popular food issues.


7.    Don’t be stubborn and rigid

If at a given point in time, you want to eat something, and you know that you'll not get it, you should not be rigid with the thought of having that particular food. If this happens, you might end up skipping a meal, and that can be awful for you. So, make it a point to accept food, if you know that you do not have an option in this case.


With this, you should focus on yourself. It is important to know that everyone is different, and so you should not feel ashamed of yourself. Instead, you should look for ways in which you can improve your health. Remember that until and unless you try hard to improve yourself, you'll never be in a position to impress yourself. With that being said, you should work hard to impress yourself, before you try to impress others. 


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