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Archive: FEBRUARY 2017
Nutrition tips for athletes
Monday, February 20, 2017

Traveling to different places for competitions can be hectic, and new athletes are usually worried about the cost factor, especially if they are visiting a popular city like Miami. Cheap accommodation in Miami can be a problem, but an athlete should entirely focus on health and nutrition to give him they are best for the competition. If you are an athlete, you are already guided by many people as far as health and nutrition are concerned.

A few important guidelines are noted below even.


1. Carbohydrates are your main fuel

It is important to have a diet that gives you the right amount of carbohydrates in order to help you exercise in the best possible way, and you can be sure that the entire session will end as expected. When we exercise, the body changes glycogen into energy. We need enough energy in our muscles to perform the workout.


2. Tracking your protein intake is important

It is important to get enough protein, but it is also important to know what amount of protein is good enough for you. Many people assume that since protein is important, they start fuelling their body with protein in every possible way and end up having too much of it. This is not a smart thing to do.

As an athlete, you should ask your coach and dietician to guide you with the protein intake to be consumed on a daily basis. Your dietitian should even be in a position to guide you with the night food items that should be consumed by you to satisfy your daily requirement of protein.


3. Fatty foods

Fatty foods are not a complete no for athletes. It is, in fact, important to have a decent chunk of fats in our daily meals. Facts convert into energy when carbohydrate sources start running low in our body. This is extremely important in the case of specific events like marathons.

However, you should not consume fatty foods on the day of the event. This is important because it can upset your stomach hand you do not want to pull out of the event because of an upset stomach.


4. Fluids are your lifeline

Irrespective of the weather conditions, you should think about consuming enough Fluids that can help you stay hydrated at all times. Some athletes make the mistake of drinking Fluids only when they are thirsty. This is up and its choice to make because, by the time you consume fluid, you will already feel the pinch of dehydration.


While water is the best option you have to stay hydrated, you can rely on other Fluids even. However, before consuming the same, let your fitness coach and dietitian know about it so that they can guide you with the quantity you should intake of the same.



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